Marie Börsch Artistic Approach

Art is all for Marie. It is an integral part of life and source of devotion from an early age. As a multitalented artist, Marie has explored the different means of expression, evolving from music, as violinist and then singer, through acting, directing and scriptwriting to concentrate in recent years exclusively on fine art.

Her paintings, like those of Marc Chagall and Frida Khalo, are infused with colour and inspired by mythology. Her naïve, surrealist artwork delves into the world of childhood, imagination and the sub-conscious. A symbolic world where animals and humans come together, often the bearers of visible or hidden messages. Painting for Marie is a direct connection with the universe and the depths of the soul. The theme running through her artwork is guided by her exploration into emotion and a profound need for communion with nature. Her work is inspired by her travels and long stretches spent in India.

Hélène Riverin

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